Experience You Can Trust

KCBI Employment Group 

We are a Veteran, Woman, Minority owned Permanent Placement and Career Counseling/Coaching firm.  We personify why you should hire a veteran?  I'll give you 10 reasons to start:

  1. Accelerated learning curve
  2. ​Leadership
  3. ​Teamwork
  4. ​Diversity and inclusion in action
  5. ​Efficient performance under pressure
  6. ​Respect for procedures
  7. Technology and globalization​
  8. ​Integrity
  9. ​Conscious of health and safety standards
  10. ​Triumph over adversity

We have over 30 years in Information Technology WE LOVE what we do.  We are also passionate about our mission to educate small to large businesses about the multitude of reasons why they need to HIRE VETS NOW! Let us assist you with your Transitional Program.  It's within your power to lend a hero a hand. 

Career Counseling 

and veteran referral